offline games under 100mb

offline games under 100mb

I don’t like to wait. (I know that you don’t as well!)  

But sometimes I just can’t help it; I just have to wait!

I grow impatient and nasty in those waiting minutes, which feels like an eternity. Thankfully, I have some beautiful and fun games to make the eternity feel like a snap! 

These no internet connection games may not be as fascinating as their PS or PC counterparts, but still, they can be considered a piece of art in most aspects.

These games accompany me on my travels, in the waiting lines, in the metro, and in my toilet as well!

Today, I will be sharing offline games under 100MB that deserve your attention and love. So, let’s dive in!   

Best Offline Games for Android and iOS Under 100MB

1. Daddy Long Legs | Offline Running Game

daddy long legs offline runner games

Starting first on my list is a funny endless runner.

You take control of a creature who has long legs, 5 times longer than his body. These stilt-like legs are very difficult to walk on and he tends to fall a lot, and you giggle as he does! The goal is simple; just walk as far as you can. Personally, I still can’t walk more than 10 meters!

Unlock different costumes for Daddy, beat the high score of your friends, and shake off your stress! 

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2.  I Am Ping Pong King! Best mind games offline

i am ping pong king best mind games offline

Starting first on my list is a funny endless runner.

You take control of a creature who has long legs, 5 times longer than his body. These stilt-like legs are very difficult to walk on and he tends to fall a lot, and you giggle as he does! The goal is simple; just walk as far as you can. Personally, I still can’t walk more than 10 meters!

Unlock different costumes for Daddy, beat the high score of your friends, and shake off your stress! 

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3. Witch’s Isle | Free puzzle games to play offline

witch's isle game free puzzle game

Want a great point and click puzzle-adventure game?

Your search ends here with Witch’s Isle! A 16-bit game with astounding graphics and an epic story that is not common in mobile games. 

The plot goes like this — a girl is cursed by a witch and she is forced to find the witch’s lost urn before 4 am, otherwise the witch will kill her! So, the girl embarks on a thrilling and epic journey, encountering many interesting characters to complete her quest. She learns a dark and twisted history of Island ruled by the Witch and its residence, and attempts to solve the mystery surrounding the Isle.

The story has 7 different endings and lots of secrets to uncover. Honestly, I spent my entire Saturday night completing all seven endings in one go.

I don’t regret it at all!

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4. Mad Dex | Offline adventure games

mad dex game offline adventure games

In the late 80s and 90s, Mario ruled the hearts of people all around the world. I believe it was a great leap of the platformer video games. Since then, platformers have taken various forms and entertained people like no other. Also, they inspired many of the gameplay mechanics of modern times, especially in the AAA games.

Mad Dex is an amazing hardcore platformer glorifying the legacy of the genré, and delivering one of the best experiences on android. In this game, you take control of Dex, whose girlfriend is kidnapped by a monster. You have to go beyond your capacity to save her from increasingly 50 difficult levels. 

Mad Dex is an offline adventure game made for users wanting to kill time and the same wanting to feel a sense of accomplishment. With crossing every level bringing a sense of accomplishment.

Stick on walls, avoid traps, fend off attacks, and defeat merciless big bad bosses. 

It is a classic tale of becoming a hero!

Which will not be easy for you…

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5. Tower Fortress | Offline Tower games

tower fortress free offline tower games

If you have tasted the thrill of the Classic contra series or Megaman, then you’ll love this indie title! (Even if you haven’t heard of them!)

Tower Fortress is a no internet connection tower destruction game. This is a roguelite run and gun game in which a tower has emerged from the earth, emitting hazardous fumes and infested by twisted creatures. You take charge and suit up to destroy the tower and its evil forces!

On the surface this game looks easy, but trust me, it is damn hard! The levels are randomised at the beginning of every run, and the controls are simple but tricky to master. 

The game has amazing visuals and a slippery smooth gameplay that makes it enjoyable to its last second. 

Defeat 4 epic bosses at the end of four unique zones, choose from various guns to obliterate the monsters, unlock 25 different suits, and upgrade your character with 20 different abilities. 

It’s up to you, only YOU can save the world!

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6. Trees and Tents Puzzles | Offline Puzzle Games

trees and tent puzzle offline puzzle games

This is a simple free puzzle game to play offline that revolves around placing tents next to a trees.

The rules are simple — In a grid, the trees are already placed and you have to place one tent next to one tree and other cells must have a grass. The tents cannot touch each other, diagonally or vertically, and they should not be more than the allotted number of columns and rows.

Well, that should have been too much for you to digest, but trust me, this seemingly simple combination of rules gives you a lot of mind boggling puzzles to solve. And if you love problem-solving, then this is the game for you!

The game features new levels every day, so you never run out of the amazing gameplay it has to offer. The game will save your progress of the level you are playing, so you may continue later. 

It is a convenient and small-sized brainstormer!

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7. Reigns | strategy offline games for Android & iOS

reigns game offline strategy games

Managing a kingdom has never been so effortless, but so filled with a dilemma!

Reigns is a no internet war game for Android and iOS, you are a monarch who takes crucial decisions of his kingdom by swiping left and right. Your empire’s fate rests on your fingers; would you choose to be a peace-loving king or the one who lives for war and conflict?

Manage the requests from your benefactors, advisors, friends, and foes as you maintain a balance between the prominent factions of your kingdom. You have to carefully plan your decisions as your dynasty’s life span depends on it. Even a simple bad luck can burn your legacy to ashes!

As you play the role of a king, you will encounter science, superstition and the supernatural, nasty politics, and even the devil himself!

How will it be, my lord?

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8.  Sneak Ops | No internet connection stealth games

sneak ops no internet stealth games

Brave men fight wars at the front, and the cunning and sly ones from behind. It is not cowardice, but a necessary evil!

Stealth games have a special place in my heart, especially the Tom Clancy’s Splinter cell,  Dishonored, Metal Gear, and Dues Ex. They give you an insight of espionage, thrills like no other and use of wits at its best!

Sneak Ops is a simple pixel best offline stealth game for individuals who seek the unique taste of hide and seek. You have to avoid being spotted by the guards (knock em’ out!) and security cameras (use their blind spot) in a high tech security base.

There is a new mission every day, and 20 different characters to unlock.

Good Luck!

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9. Redungeon | No Wifi Runner Games

redungeon wifi free runner games

This retro-style pixel game brings a sizzling twist to the endless runner genré!

You are a warrior on a quest to explore a dungeon. However, the traps are carefully designed to stop you, so death is inevitable! But you are brought back to life every single time you die! You wish you could have a peaceful death but you are out of luck!

Start your endless runner with random and increasingly difficult dungeons, with complex and ruthless traps. Upgrade and unlock new characters with unique skills!

Brave warrior, your journey begins! 

(that will never end.)

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10. The Alto series | No Internet Adventure Games

alto game no internet connection adventure games

Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey hold a very special place in my heart!

The amazingly simple but difficult gameplay, the graphics, and the soothing music melts all my stress away. They are endless runners based on snow and sand boarding, respectively. The game is so enticing you just can’t get your hands off it for hours on end.

Alto’s Adventure a no internet adventure game was released back in 2016; winning the hearts of gamers by its unique groundbreaking gameplay and music. 

The game features vivid landscape and unique intuitive gameplay mechanics. Just tap to jump or tap and hold to back flip, that’s all there is to controls! Slide on rooftops,  grind the bunting ropes, avoid falling into the chasms, escape elders, and catch those llamas!

Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure, which was a sandboarding sequel this time. This game brought huge improvements to the game in terms of gameplay and graphics, and further developed the gameplay. Odyssey features three biomes to discover: canyons, temples, and dunes. Now you could bounce off air balloons, ride the walls, skim over the water bodies and more!

Both the games feature a Zen mode, in which there are no goals or threat of falling down; just relax with a dedicated music track and a pair of earphones. Encountered a beautiful moment? Pause and take a picture with Photo mode!

Choose from six unique characters and conquer the frozen hills or soothing desert!

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11. Mekorama | Best Mind Games Offline

mekorama offline mind games

How could I not mention this enchanting piece of craft, which only takes upto 5 mb in your smartphone!

This no internet connection game is devilishly beautiful and simple to play; however, the 50 different levels are mind-numbing! 

The task is easy — guide a tiny robot through the mechanical structures called dioramas. You will simply love how the game is designed: the graphics and animations are so damn cute! As for the features:

  • you get to design your own dioramas with different structures and objects. 
  • Play any unlocked level that you want and relax!

Help the tiny robot, explore amazing structures, and make the most of Mekorama!

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I hope that you like my list of offline games under 100MB, and you enjoy your time with them. Video games have become a staple medium of entertainment over the past few decades. It’s amazing how different artforms have come together to create an enchanting industry.

Well, I wish to know your thoughts as well in the comments below.

Have a great day ahead!

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