Pokemon go tips and tricks

Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks: The Definitive Guide

Pokemon go tips and tricks

‘Gotta Catch’em all!’

That’s how you feel while you are playing Pokémon Go, and for a good reason! You are completely immersed in the experience, scouring the map of your neighborhood to find those amazing Pokemon.

The game was released back in 2016 on June 6th with a lot of hype surrounding it. However, it got mixed reviews: the reviewers were impressed by the gameplay but taken aback encountering a lot of bugs and technical issues. 

Despite its drawbacks, the game has aged well and still loved by millions! The game is mostly bug free and refined, so if you are a beginner, now is the best time to start.

Today I will be covering some tips and tricks to make the most out of your time playing this gem. So buckle up, and let’s dive in!

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1. Pokémon Go in 2020: What Has Changed Since 2016? Since 2016?

To begin with pokemon Go now has 500 pokemon instead of 150 on its release. That is certainly something to be excited about. As I have mentioned before, the game has been polished with massive updated which added plenty of great features and layers of gameplay mechanics.

So, if you are returning player or a new one you have a lot of things to be happy about! Let’s check them out one by one:

1. Raids

This is one of the most interesting features that has been added to pokemon Go. In Raid battles you fight against huge legendary boss type pokemon at gyms. These battles are timed, that means Raids only take place for a certain time period, in which you will have to fight with your teammates to take that boss pokemon down! After defeating them you and your teammates will be rewarded with special items and a chance to catch it!

2. Photo Mode

This feature is cherry on the top of already great game. As the name suggests, it allows you to take pictures of your pokemon and share it will your friends in real time. Sadly, the front camera is not available if you want to take selfies with your pokemon, but it is still great!

3. Gift

You can now send your friends gifts, which includes many items like Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Potions, Max revives, Pinap berries and 7 km Eggs for Alolon pokemon! Sending gifts to your friends gives you XP points and increases the level of friendship with your friends.

4. Trading

pokemon Go features took a lot of time to introduce a highly demanded and one of the most loved features.

Trading allows you to trade your pokemon with your friends once you have traded one gift with them. These are the conditions to activate trading in pokemon Go:

  • You should be a level 10 trainer.
  • Your friend should on pokemon go you want to trade with.
  • They should be within 100 meters. 

Trading pokemon with your friends costs stardust, trading cost reduces when your friend if at a higher level. 

5. Trainer Battles

Another heavily requested feature is PvP mode where your fight against other players or friends, or you could choose to fight the computer via PvE in training mode. You can fight locally with any player by scanning their phone’s QR code. 

To fight with your friends, however, you need to be best or ultra friends with him or her. You need  not to be in close proximity to fight with your friends, just find them in your friend list and press ‘Battle’ to send them battle notification. Once they accept, the battle begins! 

6. Team Rocket Go Pokestops

This is a recent feature in which you can fight team rocket and catch their shadow pokemon to rescue them. Team Rocket invades pokestops and challenges you to a battle if you wish to drive them out and claim the pokestop.

7. Weather Boosted, Shiny, Shadow and Purified Pokemon

Niantic has added different types of pokemon in the game. Weather boosted pokemon will be 25 % stronger and appear more frequently in their corresponding weather. Catching weather boosted pokemon will give you 25% more stardust. 

Shiny pokemon are extremely rare ones and the first ones were MagiKarp and Gyarados. The pokemon have stars surrounding them and they make a special sound when you catch them. They were stronger in the original games but not in the case of pokemon Go.

Shadow pokemon are used by Team Rocket for maleficent purposes, once you defeat and catch them you can purify them. These Pokemons can use shadow moves, they do not have an IV floor, they are levels 1-5 and 5-10 if weather boosted. 

(Individual Value: these are hidden states that are randomly generated when a pokemon is caught or hatched due to which each pokemon of the same species will have different stats).  

When you purify shadow Pokemon, they become stronger as 2 points are added to to every IV and they become a level 25. They cost 90 percent of the original stardust and candies for power ups, evolve and unlock moves.

If you catch a shadow Pokemon whose stats are 13 13 13 (attack, defense and stamina) you will get a 100% IV purified Pokemon. However, a perfect stat Pokemon is extremely rare.

You only have a chance of 1 in 4096 or 0.0244% of catching them. To get around this problem, find a Pokemon which has a good move combination.

2. Common Beginner Mistakes

1. Wasting stardust

A lot of new players make the mistake of upgrading Pokemon at lower levels. This is essentially wasting stardust because upgrading Pokemon at lower levels doesn’t mean anything, as you level up you will find higher level Pokemon which will either equal the stats of your upgraded Pokemon or surpass it. Save your stardust for later as higher level Pokemon which require more stardust to upgrade.

2. Not Cancelling Catch Animation

Many beginners don’t know that they can skip catch animation. To do this, simply tap the ball tray icon on the right side swipe left and hold it there with your left hand, then catch the Pokemon with your right hand. Once the ball catches the Pokemon release your left finger, the ball tray will open. Tap the screen to close the tray (the game will freeze if you don’t) and then the game will glitch and run icon will appear on the top left.

Tap the button to get out of the catch screen and check your inventory for the newly caught Pokemon! 

3. Not Using System Recommended Moves During Raids

This is one of the major issues which leads losing to raid bosses. The reason the newer players don’t use system recommended settings is because the system prioritizes defense. To counter this, use a Pokemon like Snorelax which has a higher defence which enable him to take more damage. 

4. Not Being Patient While Evolving Pokemon

Evolving Pokemon at lower levels, again, is not a very good idea. The reason being their low stats which will be outmatched their higher level counterparts. Waiting until you’ve reached a higher level and then evolve your Pokemon. Since, every Pokemon has different IVs you have to compare and select which one to evolve as well.  As I have mentioned before, you should check move combination a Pokemon has before upgrading it.

This will save your candies for higher level Pokemon evolution and upgrades.

5. Forgetting About Pikachu

Many new players don’t know that they can catch Pikachu in the beginning where you have to choose from Squirtle, Charmander, and Balbasor. To catch pikachu, walk away from the location to leave the three pokemon out of your radar. When you have walked away from them, wait until they reappear at your location, do this multiple times and Pikachu will appear. 

My Pikachu took three attempts to appear. Well, Pikachu will appear later at a higher CP at higher levels, so if you can skip him and catch another if you wish. But it kinda feels great when you begin with the iconic one on the get go!

6. Using AR to Catch Pokemon

Using AR to catch Pokemon is not a good idea. The reason is that it is a big drain on your smartphone’s battery, and it makes catching Pokemon harder! Keep your AR off to improve your accuracy and save battery percentage.

7. Not Refilling Supplies

In a game like Pokemon Go where exploration is the key, you need to stock up on pokeballs and other available items. New players tend to forget to restock from pokestops and gyms, because they think they have enough supplies.

The best course of action is that you always checkout pokestops and gyms to replenish your supplies everytime you encounter them.

8. Not Catching Every Pokemon

Initially, you may think that you would not need similar Pokemon in your inventory, and you may skip them in order to catch new ones. This is the most common beginner mistake, you should catch each and every Pokemon as they give you XP points, candies for that particular type and stardust.

You can exchange them for candies with Professor willow as well. 

So, Catch’em all!

3. How to Maximize Experience

The actual gameplay starts when you get at higher level and encounter more higher level Pokemon. That said, most players prefer to reach level 40 because of the privileges it offers. You can nominate places for pokestops and gyms in your neighbourhood. 

But how to level up quickly?

To understand that, you need to know the amount of experience offered by different activities. That said, the list below includes all activity and amount of experience you get for completing a task:

3000 XP points for level 1 raid.

🏆 3500 XP points for level 2 raid.

🏆 4000 XP points for level 3 raid.

🏆 5000 XP points for level 4 raid.

🏆 10000 XP points for level 5 raid (Legendary).

🏆 3000 XP points for becoming a good friend.

🏆 10,000 XP points for becoming a great friend.

🏆 50,000 XP points for becoming an ultra friend.

🏆 100,000 XP points for becoming Best friend.

🏆 200 XP points for hatching 2 km eggs.

🏆 500 XP points for hatching 5 km eggs.

🏆 1000 XP points for hatching 10 km eggs.

🏆 500 XP for catching a new pokemon.

🏆 100 XP for catching an old pokemon.

🏆 500 XP for first catch of the day.

🏆 2000 XP for seven day catch streak.

🏆 10 XP for a nice throw.

🏆 10 XP for catching a pokemon with a curve ball throw.

🏆 50 XP for a great throw.

🏆 100 XP for an excellent throw.

🏆 50 XP for catching pokemon on first throw.

🏆 25 Xp if pokemon flees.

🏆 250 XP for spinning new pokestop.

🏆 500 XP for spinning a pokestop daily.

🏆 2000 XP for 7-day spinning streak.

🏆 500 XP for evolving a pokemon.

🏆 200 XP for sending gifts.

🏆 3000 XP points for completing a research breakthrough.

Spinning a gym badge will give you 25 XP, 50 XP with a lucky egg and 75 XP with a double XP event and lucky egg per tier. You’ll get an additional 25% if the gym belong to the same team.

Note: A lucky egg will multiply your XP by 2 times, and a double XP event will also multiply it by 2.

(source: eurogamer.net)

Once you know different XP gains by different tasks and activities, you simply need to plan how you would make the most out of them.

Some people use a lucky egg when they have all the nine eggs ready to hatch to maximize XP gains. Some prefer an evolution spree in which they evolve Pokemon who require 25 or less candies with a double XP event and a lucky egg.

You can purchase lucky egg from the store or you can get them by leveling up. You get them at level 9,10,15,20,25,30,35, and 40.

4. Get Rare Spawn

The whole purpose of playing Pokemon Go is finding those rare Pokemon apart from discovering your neighborhood! The question is — 

“how do you get those rare Pokemon?”

Here are some tips to help you find them and show them to your friends.

1. Remember Spawn Locations

First of all, remember the spawn locations. These are the spots where Pokemon spawn more frequently and refresh every 30 to 45 minutes. I have a spawn location near my house, just a few steps away. I used to walk to it and catch a Pokemon every hour or so.

Also, like spawn locations there are also nests, which have a 25% chance of spawning a Pokemon of a similar kind or species. These nests allow you to farm a particular Pokemon to level up and evolve. Nests are also a good way to get those shiny Pokemon!

Remembering these locations and frequenting them will save your time and increase the chance of getting a rare Pokemon, since it refreshes every 30 to 45 minutes.

2. More Spawns spots on Community Day

Players observe that there are more spawn stops during community days, which will increase your chances of getting a rare. These locations are often close to shops, malls, churches, monuments, and even gas stations.

Make sure that you are aware of this and have more pokeballs during community days. 

3. Going to Shops, Malls, and Churches 

Shops malls and churches have more spawn points as there are more people there, carrying out their usual chores. If you are someone who hates going to public places, you might miss out on rares.

Everytime your friend or family member asks you to hang out to a store or go to a church, don’t refuse them; tag along. As I have mentioned before, these places have more spawn points which means that you get a higher chance of catching a rare. Also, if you are going to spend more than an hour, then you get to catch’em twice in one location!

4. Use Incense and lures

They are items in pokemon Go which enable you to lure pokemon into your location for 30 minutes. In that time frame you can catch at least three pokemon sitting on your couch. 

Using them in minor and major events using them will increase the chances of a rare. That said, minor and major events take place frequently, look out for them to increase your chances.

5. Find a Good Place to Play

It might seem like a stupid advice but it is important that you play in place which has high number of Pokestops and spawn spots. Chances of getting a rare would be obviously higher there. Of course, it is not possible for everyone, like me. 

I have to walk a mile to reach my favorite playing ground where I get a lot of new pokemon and recently I caught a higher level Anorith there, not much but still its great! if you can do that, it is worth it!

6. Master Throws

Mastering throws is one of the most important skills that you need to learn, if you are serious about playing. A good throw has XP points, as I have listed above, which may seem less but if you catch 10 pokemon a day and get a great ball throw on each of them, you get 500 XP in total and that’s worth it! (If you manage to sneak in a curve ball throw, it gives you 10 XP each and that’s 100 XP more!)

Follow these steps to make an excellent throw:

  1. Size down the circle to excellent (or great if you prefer. Smaller is great and the smallest is excellent), that is hold the ball until circle is as small as possible.
  2. Let go of the ball, don’t touch it again as the circle will reset and you have to start again.
  3. Wait for the pokemon to taunt you, this will prevent him from jumping, dodging or taunting you when you throw the ball to catch him (or her).
  4. Just after he has taunt you, throw the ball before the circle appears, try to hit in the green circle to get the excellent throw.
  5. Remember, you can always add swing to the ball by touching and moving it in circles.
  6. Mastering throws will be tricky at first because pokemon are placed either very close to you or far away or in between.


I have listed some of the basic tips and tricks that will give you a quick kickstart. Also, you can download a modified Pokemon Go Plus app from iOSEmus, which I would against as you can get banned. However, iOSemus is a great third party app installer for iPhone, if you are interested check it out here.

Have a great day ahead

See ya’ soon! 

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