pewdiepie greatest vlogger

5 Reasons That Make PewDiePie The Greatest Vlogger

pewdiepie greatest vlogger

Felix, better known as PewDiePie, is one of the biggest youtubers. Many aspiring youtubers would definitely like to know the secret of his success. Even if they don’t want to be like him, they would love to take lessons and become more adept at their profession.

In the field of YouTube, or let’s say in the digital field as a whole, no one knows for sure what would work and what wouldn’t. In this case, you are better off learning whatever there is to learn to be relevant.

And who could be better to start with than PewDiePie? I mean, if grandchildren ask us — 

What were the icons of our times?

We would be happily tell them —

“Well my dear, in our times we had PewDiePie, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Friends, Game of Thrones, fidget spinners and what not!”

That must have sounded like a nerd grandpa or grandma, but that’s okay with me. (I know you are totally judging me right now!)

As of writing this post, PewDiePie has around 3,958 videos and 101 million followers. He has been entertaining people around the globe, winning over their hearts like pieces of a huge cake! But what is the secret behind his charm? 

Read along as I unfold the 5 reasons behind Felix’s success!

1. Staying relevant

If you want to send shivers down the spine of any artist, just whisper in his ears— 


There you go, you literally killed him for a moment. Of course, youtubers are just another type of artist. Apart from jokes, it is a serious issue in the creative industry. Right now, Ryan Higa, an amazing youtuber, is going through an art block and he has switched to podcasting.

PewDiePie is like an evergreen meme as he seemingly never goes out of ideas! Everyone likes a good meme, and that is the key to his success. You see, everyone might have a taste for a particular niché, but unconsciously, no one can deny the basic pleasures like a good laugh. 

The basic pleasures appeal to every age group and people from different religions, races, genders or ethnicity. 

The more specific you are, the number of audience reduces. However, you already know that people on the internet is looking for specific things only. Finding the correct balance is the way to go.

Also, Ryan joined YouTube back in 2006, while Felix joined back in 2010. Still, PewDiePie has the most numbers of subscribers, even Dude perfect, second largest YouTube channel only has 45.9 million. 

Before I continue, I must clarify that numbers, by no means, imply that a channel is inferior. It simply means more people are enjoying it. Now, that might sound absurd, but let me give you an example here — 

Would you prefer reading Game of Thrones or Shakespeare’s Macbeth?

You would go for the Game of Thrones, would you not?

It is not like Macbeth is bad or anything; it is a classic written by one of the greatest writers of all time. So, it’s all boils down to time, psychology, need, and most important of all — preference

He seems to have a decent understanding of all these factors, and he uses them to stay relevant.

Of course, there are many factors apart from this. So, Let’s move on to the next point to discuss them further.

2. His style

PewDiePie has a very simple yet distinctive style of vlogging and entertaining people. 

Let’s consider the kind of videos he does: Roasts, Rants, Playthroughs, Meme Reviews, and every other out of the box thing he can think of!

I doubt that anyone could attempt to copy him and get away with it. This is because he does things that would otherwise make his fanbase furious: click baits, silly jokes, taking a lot of risks and most of he all — he stays natural and carefree.

Which is common for youtubers after they reach a certain count of subscribers, but Felix has always been like that from the beginning. I mean, there is a complete video of him screaming like a kid while playing horror video games;

and people love it!

As Charlie from Charisma on Command puts it, he blatantly ridicules himself and we have nothing to be angry about. His audience can’t help but adore him for that!

Also, the topics on which he makes videos is not the center, but he is the center of his videos.

People love to see him react and give his uncanny, funny and natural responses. I mean, even I can play Minecraft like he does, but I doubt anyone would ever enjoy it! 

Having said that, his editing is rather simple compared to other youtubers like MKBHD and Ryan Higa. You won’t find anything fancy but a lot of puns, memes, jokes and silly things.

People instinctively gravitate towards individuals whom they can rely on, his carefree and natural responses make people trust him and his vulnerability reflects their hearts. This gives Felix’s audience a sense of comfort, and it is a great quality to possess as an artist.

3. He is unpredictable

People love things and situations which are unpredictable’. 

Unpredictable things add a tinge of excitement to the mix. When you don’t know what will happen, you are definitely staying till the end. This is the very reason behind the ancient trend of gambling.

When PewDiePie and T-Series were at a virtual war which each other, Felix said that he would reveal his secret weapon in one of his videos — Book Reviews! That video is silly, but you can thoroughly enjoy it. That’s where he shines, his unpredictability grips the attention and his goofy attitude keeps his audience on board.

There was his one time when he made roast videos and rants about T-Series (Bitch Lasagna!). He received a lot of hate from Indians. Behind the scenes, he raised funds for underprivileged children of India. That must have won the Indians, and they might have cherished the fact that he was just making an exaggerated joke!

Remember that one time when PewDiePie said he would delete his channel after reaching 50 million subscribers? he did but his second channel that he made to mock another youtuber. He further joked that he would delete his channel after reaching 100 million subscribers…

Damn you Felix, you’re hilarious!

4. He can handle a lot of pressure

Sometimes people go too far with their jokes, Felix did it as well and he couldn’t get away with it. 

I am talking about the Anti-Semitic vlog after which Disney canceled the contract with PewDiePie, and his YouTube Red series stopped. Felix is considered the ‘face’ of YouTube, and the contract with Disney would have made him even more popular. It was a great loss on his part.  

He stated that he was trying to show how the world is a crazy place by referring to Fiverr — a freelancing platform on which anything can be bought for $5. Obviously, some of his fans knew he was joking, and he further stated in his Tumblr post — 

“I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes.”

However, the damage had already been done and there was nothing to do about it. He was blamed for misusing his power as the biggest youtuber to promote Anti-Semitic notions, and he couldn’t shake it off. I am not sure who was to blame for this, but the situation got out of control pretty quickly.

Just try to understand the pressure he was in — world’s biggest influencer of the time was referred to as closet Neo-Nazi. The time was certainly the darkest in his career, but eventually, time itself took care of everything.

5. He is humble

Although every artist likes to believe that he or she is humble, not everyone can live up to it.

When you watch PewDiePie’s vlogs, they feel genuine and you instantly feel comfortable because Felix himself is very comfortable. Somewhere down the line in his career, he dropped the notion of ‘people pleasing’, which has become a standard in the influencer industry. That decision has become his biggest strength.

He started doing experiments, came up with unique ways to entertain people and presented his ideas; and his fans loved it! Also, Consider his position, huge followers might seem like something you want, but eventually it is a lot of responsibility. He could have easily lost his humility somewhere down the line, but he didn’t!

I think Marvel’s Spiderman is famous for the same reason, he is more human than a superhero. PewDiePie is the same, he is so human and vulnerable which makes him very easy to relate with and love. He is for everyone, like the savoury hotdog sold on the streets for a few cents that everyone relishes.   

It is a simple quality, but a great one to imbibe. If nothing take this one thing from him. To understand how he has grown over the past decade, just watch his 100 million play button unboxing. Even if you are not a fan, you will love it!

A word with you   

Becoming a youtuber is a big challenge, and there is a lot of work. You have to discover your style, your area, your values, and your audience. This requires constant learning and improvement, and no one knows how you’ll turn out. So, take the lessons I have discussed and nourish them. I am sure if not a star youtuber, you will become a beautiful person. 

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I think you have that one friend who is good for nothing but makes amazing jokes and makes your happier. Eventually, you begin to care for him and he becomes your family. PewDiePie is no different!  

PewDiePie has married recently, and oh, what an occasion it was! It felt like the entire world is celebrating, especially the Memers! 

I hope you enjoyed my post, and I will see you soon!

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