Safety Gear for Riding an Adult Kick Scooter

Adult Kick Scooter​ safety tips

One of the activities which have braved the test of time is riding a scooter. It has been a popular activity among kids as well as adults since the past few decades. Of course, there have been technological evolutions, but it is still pretty much the same. Like any other outdoor activity, riding a scooter is not free from risks.

You may have the best adult kick scooter to ride, but your safety will always remain in your hands. Therefore, whether you are going to ride an adult scooter in the outdoors or in the indoors, you must wear all the necessary safety gear. Following are the most important safety gear for riding an adult scooter:

1. Helmet

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Oxelo, a scooter and skateboard manufacturing company from France, has reliable statistics to prove that wearing a helmet has prevented 37 percent accidental deaths among scooter riders.

In addition to that, nearly 85 percent of injuries (of any severity) have been avoided by properly using a helmet. With a helmet in place, you have a safety gear to protect the most vital part of your body, but should that be all? Of course, not. Wearing a helmet whilst riding a scooter is the most critical safety gear, but there is other gear as well which should not be avoided.

2. Guards and Pads

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Next in line comes the safety gear for your arms and your legs. To protect your arms while riding an adult scooter, you should wear a pair of arm guards. Whereas, to protect your legs, you should wear a pair of knee pads.

Not only do guards and pads prevent elbow and knee fractures, respectively, they also prevent soft tissue injuries which can be really painful. They act as cushions to save your bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc. You may also consider wearing a pair of wrist guards to protect from sprains if you fall.

3. Mouth guard

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Mouth guard is one of the most neglected safety gear among scooter riders. Agreed, that a mouth guard is not of much importance as it is unlikely that a rider would fall and break their teeth. However, if you are a beginner rider, starting with an adult scooter, a mouth guard is highly recommended.

Injuring your teeth can be horrifyingly painful and injure your jaws (in many cases … permanently). Once you get your basics right and advance to the novice level (at least), you would not need it; but until then, keep using it.

4. Footwear

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Often neglected, but a pair of footwear is a key safety gear when riding an adult scooter. Footwear helps a rider to start, turn, and stop their rides. If you avoid wearing proper shoes or try riding a scooter barefoot, controlling the machine would become challenging and can cause injury to your feet and/or ankles. Wear shoes which can absorb a little shock and are not slippery. Vans is the most popular brand which makes casual shoes for riding a scooter.

5. Gloves

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Like in the case of riding a bicycle, a pair of gloves helps the rider to grip the handles properly. Without a pair of gloves, frequent friction between your palms and the trip of the handles can cause blisters on your palms. Not only that, if you are going to ride somebody else’s scooter or you are going to lend your scooter to someone, your gloves would ensure that the bacteria on their palms do not get transferred to yours.

6. Reflective Sash

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If you are going to ride an adult scooter in the outdoors during the night time, a reflective sash must be worn. Light in weight, the sash is made of reflective material which allows people to notice you during night time. This little but bright (no pun intended) feature can keep you safe when riding in the dark. Without it, there is a risk of not being visible to others who are riding or driving a vehicle and getting hit.

It often happens that once the rider starts to feel comfortable riding an adult scooter, they avoid using the safety gear. The fact is, the more experience you gain, the more are the chances of you hurting yourself. Yes, it is a paradox.

When a rider gains confidence with their basics in place, they tend to move to the next level. Basics, after all, are widely considered boring. With the basics already in check, performing dangerous maneuvers seem to be the next step forward. That’s where the fatal mishaps happen. Therefore, it is extremely important to always ride a scooter wearing all the essential safety gear.

You have got to be an adult to ride an adult scooter. And as an adult, you should know that every time you ride a scooter without the safety gear, you are putting your own life in danger. If you still do not feel that the safety gear is worth being used, ask someone who survived a fatal accident because of the safety gears whether they are worth it or not.

Remember, being safe is always better than being sorry.

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