gadgets to ease morning routine

4 Smart Gadget Ideas To Ease Your Morning Routines

gadgets to ease morning routine

Mornings can be tough! There’s a certain morning ritual that everybody tends to follow every day. Try as you might, dragging yourself out of the cozy blanket has to be the most difficult part of the morning.

Morning routines help you achieve more, think clearly and work effectively. So, it’s important that we do these chores effectively. 

Well, thanks to home automation technology, that can help us with it. Too good to be true as it may sound, these technologies can definitely make our mornings simpler and less stressful. 

The alarm clock sets off the day for almost everyone. Now instead of a blaring alarm, harsh light that disturbs your eyes or an uncomfortable temperature, you can have a customized atmosphere to get up into.

An alarm that goes off, the lights that allow your eyes to adjust, the AC turned off all by itself or the temperature that helps you get up. All these mundane activities now can happen without you having to do them. Surreal, right?

Not just this, but the coffee maker starts brewing fresh coffee at your usual time so you can grab it handy while leaving; the blinds open up to allow sunlight in; the news reads itself so you can listen while you are doing something else. If you need some morning jamming to spring up to action you can have your playlist play while sipping your coffee. 

All this is now managed with just a tap.

Before you wake up

To make getting out of bed easier, you can install the following devices that can help you with this:

1) Smart Home Alarm Clocks 

These are some of the options for alarm clocks that would transform your morning for better:

i) Philips Wake-up light with colored sunrise simulation

This smart alarm uses a bulb that simulates natural daylight and has a sunrise setting too help you drift off to sleep. 

You can choose FM radio or a selection of 5 natural sounds that might be pleasing enough to wake you up. The natural colored light is activated 20 to 40 minutes before the wake-up sounds to avoid startling you. 

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In addition, this smart alarm has a snooze feature (just in case you fancy a few extra minutes in bed), a clever auto-dimming LED display, and 20 different brightness settings so you can adjust the light level to suit you.

ii) All-New Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

The Echo Dot is not just a smart alarm in the bedroom — it can be used to turn your lights on and off when you want it to, to set multiple alarms, and play relaxing music or generate white noise to help you sleep well without the distraction of a brightly lit LED screen next to the bed.

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iii) WITTI BEDDI , Intelligent Alarm Clock with White Noise Generator

This smart alarm clock allows you to connect your Smartphone, which you can then use to control the LED strip on the bottom to choose from between 32 million calming colors. 

It also features a sunrise-simulating light on the back, which slowly illuminates as you approach your chosen wake-up time, to gradually wake you up. In addition to this, the Smartphone app allows you to further customize your wake up with adjustable alarm volume and music integration.

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2) Smart home Lights

tips to ease morning routines

i) Philips Hue Smart lights

Philips Hue offers three types of smart lights that come in different shapes, sizes and models. 

  • Hue white for easy control and comfort.
  • Hue White ambiance for relaxing warm white day-light to cool lights for daily activities.          
  • Hue white and color ambiance for a vivid experience. 

They come with a facility for remote access that helps use the application to operate them. The lights can also be scheduled for different timings. They can be dimmed or brightness adjusted according to the preferred ambiance.

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ii) Syska Smartlight LED Bulb

Syska Smartlight is a Wi-Fi enabled smart LED bulb that has remote access. A wide range of three million shades and tones to choose from. It is compatible with all Alexa enabled devices. Also, it is energy efficient, as it consumes 70% less energy than other traditional bulbs. Can be supported on Android and iOS devices.

You can choose the tone of your light according to your mood. From warm and relaxing to a cold and breezy tone can be changed from the Syska Application.

Can be paired with Amazon Alexa, to be able to voice control the lights of your home. 

It also comes with an Alarm feature that will let you easily set daily schedules. You can schedule it to turn off when the sun rises and turn on when the sun sets, to keep yourself stress-free.

3) Smart home Blinds

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Somfy is a company that offers solutions for automated curtains, blinds, screens or shutters.

It can control your interior blinds using a remote control, tablet or smartphone.

The motorized system provides you with a good acoustic performance when raising and lowering blinds.

They come with inbuilt sun sensors allowing them to adjust automatically to outside conditions. As a result, they’ll help you control your energy usage much more effectively.

You can choose a motorized system of your choice to create your own ambiances to achieve privacy, peace, and tranquility.

As you get ready

4. Smart home Coffee makers

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With its amazing handy design, wireless connectivity and different combinations for coffee, É makes your morning coffee sessions easy and delicious. It comes in standard cup size (210 ml) with an insulated stainless steel wall. Also it can be connected via Bluetooth to program it for the required taste and temperature. It is extremely quick in the process with a preparation time of 60-90 seconds.

Leaving the house

Once you are ready to leave, you can get out of the house without being worried about the lights, appliances or the security of the house. All of these can be managed through the application on your smartphone. They can either be controlled via a single hub or separately by their assigned applications. 

Introducing these devices in your life can surely make it easier, better and more efficient for you. Getting so much assistance early in the morning can enhance your mornings and help you work stress-free.

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