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4 Best Garden Gadgets You Must Need For Smart Gardening

best garden gadgets tips

A smart garden is one that can tend for itself & thrive without much external help. This means you don’t need to spend hours gardening & still enjoy the benefits of a well-tended garden. 

Cool, right? 

I have come up with some options for installing the outdoor home automation in your lawn, gardens or backyards, that can help you with their maintenance.

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 1) Smart Sprinkler system 

Keeping the garden or a lawn looking green and fresh requires conscientious watering, at the very least. However easy this activity may sound, it has all the ways to go wrong. Not knowing what works for the garden in terms of the amount of water required by the plants can risk the life of the garden. To avoid standing for hours with the pipe watering the plants, these tasks can now be handed over to the smart sprinklers.  

Smart sprinklers can easily be controlled using a mobile application. Not just that, you can schedule your watering timings using the application & never worry about watering again. 

A smart sprinkler system can thus help you by making sure that the plants of your garden are watered adequate and timely. 

By connecting the sprinkler through an app on your smartphone, Rachio Smart Sprinkler can monitor details evolving local weather data to determine exactly how much water your yard needs.

Certain zones with specific details like vegetation type, sun exposure, slope and more, can be selected to monitor the specified areas. 

Schedules can be set up that work for your routine and achieve your landscaping goals.

Since the weather is constantly monitored, it prevents overwatering and keeps a check on the requirements according to the weather. 

All the aspects of the water use can be controlled and monitored with the app which can help you ensure the optimum water use.

Also, you can receive the schedule updates, real-time notifications or start, stop and pause watering – all from your smartphone.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler provides more watering control by helping you to manage your sprinklers with voice commands by using various smart home platforms. 

2) Robotic Lawn Mower

Lawn mowing is something not everybody can do or would want to do. It’s an important activity for your gardens’ maintenance and needs your effort and time. 

Robotic lawn mowers offer a hands-off experience and function according to their registered command. 

Most robotic lawn mowers are expensive and make us question our need to buy it. But if you have been spending a lot of time toiling the lawns mowing it, it could be a good investment for you. 

For instance, with the Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310, Robotic Lawn Mower, you can schedule a particular time of the day and also select up to 3 sub-areas on specific times on a single day for the mower. Both the front and the two sides of mower are equipped with bump sensors which get activated when the mower strikes any solid or a fixed object. There are two rain sensors located on the control panel at the top cover of the mower. The mower will go back to the charging station automatically when it’s raining. You can control it manually too. In the auto mode, there are two cutting modes, going straight and going in spiral circles (high efficiency). It can cover upto 1500 sq. m of lawn area.

3) Motorized Shades for the outdoors

The requirement for the amount the sunlight for the outdoors changes according to the changing seasons. To keep up with the inconsistent demands and constant shifts, we can’t rely on a permanent option. We go for something that can be modified with ease as per demand. 

With motorized shades, the exposure of the outdoors to the sun can be controlled. Also in case of excessive winds or rains, the plants can be protected. 

To maximise the use of the outer peripheral spaces of the house, it is essential we make it comfortable for use in all seasons. 

  • SOMFY, motorized shades for terraces and outdoors

The shade is controlled by sun and wind sensors that adjust automatically to weather conditions. When the sun starts to beat down, the shades extends. When the wind starts blowing, it retracts automatically.

It is operated by a motorised system that ensures it retracts fully into its sealed cassette to prevent water penetration. They are not just functional but look beautiful too.

4) Outdoor Lighting

As important for the indoors, the smart lights for the outdoors can make your life easier. Be it at the lawn boundary or the pathway to the lawn or to focus on certain plants. Adding lighting at places of your choice can enhance your lawn. 

These lights can light up as and when you enter the garden area. The lights that are along the edges of the garden. The lights to light up the entire space. Or even a strip lighting to highlight a certain feature or landscape

Not just for enhancing the garden area, but the lights can also be used for security purposes.           

The Philips hue offers solutions for the outdoor smart lights ranging from bulbs to wall-mounted to strip lights. They are also waterproof, which is a major concern when considering outdoor purposes. 

Gardening doesn’t really have to become a hefty task for you now. Blooming technology has made it possible for you to enjoy a beautiful garden while giving the least amount of effort into it. With these smart devices, you will never have to worry about keeping your garden clean & green. It will be done all on its own. All you have to do is enjoy the beauty of the lush green garden. These smart devices are indeed a good investment.

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