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Sony Vlogging Camera and Canon Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

vlogging camera with flip screen

Brand Specificity

We’ve all been a witness to the spiraling queues at Oneplus or Apple product launches. It’s pretty evident that a majority of those buyers are pulled by the brand and not the features. Or, maybe both.

Photographers & filmmakers like you & I, are pretty brand-specific as well. Once we’ve gotten used to the layout and UI of one brand, it takes a while to adjust to another. It literally feels like trying to write with your left hand.

Now, while Nikon and Canon ruled the DSLR segment for as long as DSLRs have existed, Sony built its empire on Mirrorless cameras. A glance at the future of photography reveals a competitive alliance of the three brands taking us to the ultimate capturing experience as the three loyal soldiers they are.

However, narrowing it down to Youtube and Vlogging, in this article I have compared the two biggest names in the segment:

The best Sony vlogging camera : SONY ALPHA A5100


The best Canon vlogging camera : CANON POWERSHOT G7 X MARK II


In order to grasp the qualities of our contestants effectively, let’s first understand what really does Vlogging require?

Vlogging, like any other profession has multiple fields as well, you might vlog about travelling, fashion, cooking, gaming, technology, biking, etc.

All of these fields can broadly be categorized into indoor and outdoor vlogging.

Here is a brief list of qualities that a vlogging camera must have in the respective categories with a few in common:

Efficient Slow MotionOptical Image Stabilization
High Pixel Rate
Lengthy shooting capacitySufficient Battery Power
Low-Light SensitivityPortability
Good Microphone
Flip Screen

A long time ago

Although Canon launched its first 35 mm camera under the brand name “Kwanon” in 1934, it has clung to DSLRs for most of its journey. With the launch of its patented EOS (Electro Optical System) line of DSLRs in 1987, Canon revolutionized the camera industry by letting lenses communicate with bodies. The EOS line has seen several technological advancements since. Even though DSLRs are Canon’s spotlight product, with a product mix spreading to mirrorless as well as compact cameras, it has a camera for every photographer.

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Sony, on the other hand, stepped into the camera industry in 1988 and has maintained its distance from DSLRs. The extra space & time allowed it to refine its mirrorless technology. Ever since the risky yet successful launch of its Alpha line of mirrorless cameras in 2006, Sony has rocked the mirrorless segment. Particularly, full frame mirrorless cameras. Apart from mirrorless, Sony has also done a pretty good job at compact cameras with its RX100 series.

Photography is an art though, and a camera is just a tool and as meaningless is its brand. But, brands do play an important role in determining the compatibility of a photographer and his camera. And, if you’ve worked with more than one brands, I’m sure you comprehend the connection I’m talking about.

3…2…1… ding ding ding!!

Let’s start with a detailed comparison table.

TYPEMirrorlessPoint & Shoot
BATTERY400 Shots265 Shots
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)4.3” x 2.4” x 1.4”4.1” x 2.3” x 1.6”
WEIGHT0.49 lbs0.64 lbs
RESOLUTION24.3 mp20.1 mp
FPS1080p : 24, 30, 60
720p : 25, 30
1080p : 24, 30, 60
720p : 30
SCREENFlipping TouchScreenFlipping TouchScreen

Sony Vlogging Camera


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With around 179 AF points, the A5100 is the epitome of Auto-Focus in budget cameras. Being a mirrorless camera, the A5100 is one of the few compact cameras that give you the option of swapping lenses as per need. Which, especially to outdoor vloggers, is a huge turn on, because the unpredictability of outdoor landscapes requires a change of lens at times. Not to mention, the real deal for a vlogger, a flip touchscreen. Priced at $448, the A5100 is the best value-for-money deal out there in the market right now.

Swappable LensNo Microphone socket
Great Auto-FocusNo EVF
Flip TouchScreenNo external Mode Dial
Good Battery Life 
Value For Money 
Extremely Convenient 

Canon Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen


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If you’re sick of constantly trying to capture the magical moments in the limited time frame, and failing, G7X is your Messiah. An extremely convenient to carry around, charge, transfer data from, a camera that offers pretty high-quality footage for its size. Known for its low-light efficiency, if you’re mostly traveling around post evening or shooting in low-light indoor environment, G7X shouldn’t disappoint you. The cameras footage quality makes up every penny of the $599 price tag.

Optical Image StabilizationAverage Battery Life
WifiNo Microphone Slot
Flip TouchScreenNo EVF
Wide Lens 
Extremely Convenient 
Excellent Time Lapse 


Well, after considering the features and most importantly the price tag, to me personally, the winner is Sony Alpha A5100.

Canon G7X Mark ii doesn’t lag much behind though, had it been priced a bit cheaper, it could’ve made it.

Take into consideration all the features, watch some vlogger reviews on youtube, know about the cameras that youtubers use while vlogging and let us know which one you finalize in the comments below.

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