best electric unicycle

The Best Electric Unicycle in 2020

best electric unicycle

As with every other gadget, there have been various models of electric unicycles that have span through generations. Just a couple of years or so ago, the technology of electric unicycles became exceptionally reliable and outstanding. Due to these reasons they have taken over the market of e-rideables quickly and take my word for it – they’re here to stay. 

With the electric unicycle market flooding promptly, it’s getting more and more difficult to choose from among a plethora of models available. That’s why we’re here! To help you make the right purchase and make the unicycling experience truly amazing and fun for you. Below is the comparison table of the best electric unicycles available in the market.

Comparison Based on Technical Features

To save you a lot of hassle and hard-work in comparing different models of electric unicycle, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best electric unicycles along with their technical features and price.

Make & ModelGotway MSuper V2KingSong 16SInmotion V10FSwagtron SwagRollerIPS Zero
Weight (Kg)1715.513.51410
Wheel Size (Inches)1816161414
Speed (Mph)2222199.318.6
Power (Watt)190012008004501000
Range (Miles)35+604512.418.6
Price (USD)190014751035395840

All the above listed electric unicycles are best in their own ways and have been short-listed after considering all the important aspects and essential elements.

This was just a quick overview of the top 5 electric unicycles, now let’s dive deeper into each one of these beasts.

1. Gotway MSuper V2 – The best electric unicycle

Best Electric Unicycle review

The Gotway MSuper V2 electric unicycle is one powerful beast. With a motor power of 1900 W, its meant for off-road terrain and is most definitely a top pick. This is the only electric unicycle with a huge wheel/tire. The 18 inches wheel certainly does not make this a very portable unicycle but the advantages are also plenty. With such a huge tire, it is naturally on the heavier side.

The wheel provides extra comfort and is meant for sturdy rides. Likewise, the max. Load capacity is 150 kg which is pretty impressive and by far the best as compared to others in this list. 

Gotway MSuper V2 is supported and can be controlled by the Gotway App that is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. This unicycle has incredible range, best top speed. Although this beast takes a lot of time to get charged, once done, it can last really long. With an impressive range of 35+ miles, this unicycle can be cruised for 1.5+ hours straight at top speed!

The large battery and the wheel together make this unicycle heavy and it may become a problem to carry it with you daily. But the comfort and range and speed all makeup pretty well for its weight. It can be either used for the daily commute or for joy rides as well.

But the actual best feature of Gotway MSuper V2 electric unicycle is the ease with which it can navigate across rocky surfaces, gravel, long grass, and even steep slopes, bumps, and public stairs. Yes, you heard that right, it’s one of those solid designs that is meant to withstand anything and everything and yet gives you a smooth swift ride – which is supported by the large anti-slip pedals.

In a Nutshell

The Gotway MSuper V2 is really huge and heavy. You can call it a beast because of its strength, sturdy design, and really powerful features. It’s really swift and can last quite a bit of time in a single charge. It’s a totally different model than most electric unicycles which boast of ultra-slim and ultra-lightweight designs. So, if you are an adventure lover and want to explore faraway places, especially off-road terrain, then this beast is for you. And even if you’re not the adventure trip kind of a person, then this electric unicycle can come in really handy if you’re taking it to the office or school as you can easily navigate your way through most types of terrains!

Tech Specs

Certification: UL2272

Max load: 150 kg

Wheel size: 18 inches

Battery: 680WH Panasonic battery pack

Charging time: 5 hrs.

Range: 35+ miles

Top speed: 22 mph

Weight: 17 kg

App control: iOS/Android Gotway App

The Pros

  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Rider safety features
  • Amazing distance range
  • Smart ergonomic design
  • Fast cruising speed
  • Smooth ride, easy to control
  • Good maximum rider weight
  • App controllable

The Cons

  • No built-in speakers
  • Pricey 
  • Long charging time

2. KingSong 16S – High-Speed ELectric Unicycle

top electric unicycle review

The Kingsong 16S is relatively new in the world of electric unicycles. But it has some solid features that have successfully left behind the others in the race to be the best electric unicycle.  To begin with, this is one of the swiftest electric unicycles combined with some really impressive stats.

In terms of top cruising speed, the KingSong 16S gives a tough competition to Gotway MSuper V2. Although this electric unicycle is definitely not as powerful as Gotway MSuper V2, it definitely beats the latter in terms of range. This beast has a staggering range of 60+ miles, which is absolutely stunning. Also, if the price is concerned, then KingSong 16S is pocket-friendly as compared to Gotway MSuper V2.

With a wheel size of 16-inches and a top speed of 22 mph, KingSong 16S is a great choice for those who are looking for comfortable, swift and lightweight models. What’s more? It can climb a steep angle of 30° and has a max. load capacity of 150 kg – here it beats Gotway MSuper V2 again!

This electric unicycle has a Bluetooth speaker system along with side LEDs which are customizable via the app. Although the app is not much to speak of, the model is too good to be rejected just for the app. The design is not that impressive and feels a bit cheap. Although this is not a major drawback, you’re still paying a lot for such a cheap design.

Despite all these setbacks, this electric unicycle is still one of our top picks because no other electric unicycle gives you such a great range and such top speeds. The riding experience is swift, comfortable and smooth. The performance of KingSong 16S is great and hence I would recommend it.

The safety features include a front light, a speaker and an ergonomic top-handle. Additionally, it’s made of aluminum alloy frame which is bound to sustain a few knocks here and there. The secret behind that incredible range is two batteries.

In a Nutshell

The KingSong 16S is worth the money if you ignore its design and the app. The range, weight, speed, and even the max. load capacity is too good to be rejected simply because of a few smaller inconveniences. The safety features make it a great choice for teens as well as for elder people. It’s comfortable enough for the daily commute and is suitable for all age groups. All in all, this is one package that you must try out for sure.

Technical specifications

Maximum speed: 22 mph

Range: 60 miles

Weight: 15.5 Kg

Maximum slope: 30°

Charging time: 6.5 hrs.

Battery: SANYO 840Wh

Maximum Power: 1200w

Battery life: ~1000 cycles

Tire size: 16 inches

Maximum load: 150kg

Height: 506 mm

Width: 196 mm

Depth: 463 mm

Bluetooth: Yes

Smartphone App: Yes

The Pros

  • Impressive Max Load
  • Incredible Range 
  • Retractable Top Handle
  • Powerful
  • Water-Resistant

The Cons

  • A Bit Expensive
  • The KingSong App

3. Electric Unicycle Inmotion V10 – Overall Best

The Inmotion V10 is the best Electric unicycle with lots of striking features. The better and upgraded version of Inmotion V10 electric unicycle is the Inmotion V10F electric unicycle that has a greater top-speed. Hence, I have enlisted V10 because it has almost the upgraded features as V8. Spending a 1000 bucks for a few extra mph is so not me. 

Coming to the V10 features, it has a 16-inch wheel that is equipped with an all-terrain tire. So you can take it on most types of trips. A plus point for those who like to explore new places. Talking about exploring new places, the Inmotion V10 has an impressive range of 45+ miles on a single charge. What’s more? This is lighter than KingSong 16S and a lot lighter than Gotway MSuper V2.

When it comes to design, the V10 looks all sleek and slender and stylish. This electric unicycle is bound to turn eyes if you’re riding it. Some people may find its look dampened by the side lighting that is quite eccentric. But worry not! With the Inmotion app, you can change its colors and patterns and can even switch them off completely.

The additional features of V10 include – solid pedals which are grip tape coated similar to that on a skateboard. This adds to its ergonomic design which is bound to give you the extra control and ultimately the confidence to ride the electric unicycle. The built-in headlight and taillights make it easy for you to commute after nightfall without any issues.

In a Nutshell

The Inmotion V10 performs really well. It may not have a lot of staggering statistics but all the features are pretty decent and the combination of all those features is what makes the Inmotion V10 truly unique. The build is pretty decent, especially with that price tag. So, if you want all the features an electric unicycle has to offer and have an average budget, then I recommend you go for Inmotion V10.

Technical Specifications

Range: 31 Miles

Weight: 13.5 kg

Tire: 16 inches

Top Speed: 19 mph 

Motor Power: 800W 

Battery: 480WH

Charge Time: 4.5 hrs.

Light: LED headlight and rear light, sidelights

App: Yes

Weatherproof: IP55

The Pros

  • Price is pocket-friendly
  • Good Power
  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Speed
  • Range
  • Water-resistant
  • Best for everyone.

The Cons

  • The speed could have been better.
  • The sidelights may be a problem for some.

4. Swagtron SwagRoller – Best cheap electric unicycle

best electric unicycle

If you want a budget electric unicycle, then Swagtron SwagRoller is the one for you. it’s the best cheap electric unicycle and has really good features, as much as you can expect from the price tag. However, it may not be the most reliable electric unicycle.

The Swagtron SwagRoller has a built-in extendable handle which adds to its ergonomic design. However, what makes the Swagtron SwagRoller unique is the two-wheel design. Yes, it has two wheels and yes, it is a unicycle! The two-wheel design is not visible at first glance but adds to its uniqueness nonetheless.

The best part of SWagtron SwagRoller is its portability. This electric unicycle has lower speed, lower range and the lowest motor power with just 450 W. This model is equipped with LED lights, Bluetooth speakers and is app-controllable which adds to its safety.

 This is a great option for students as well as newbies. The twin-tires give you better traction and stability. Also, the 12 miles range is average and can be compromised with, if you look at the integrated speaker system and other safety features. However, it is not meant for taking on off-road or bumpy rides. Likewise, a rough foot-path is also not a great option to ride the Swagtron SwagRoller.

In many ways, SwagRoller is the best electric unicycle for beginners owing to the speed and safety considerations.

In a Nutshell

This is definitely an affordable electric unicycle option and is great for newbies and students. This model has pretty decent features for that price tag. So, if you wish to explore the world of electric unicycles and don’t have that much of a budget, then the Swagtron SwagRoller is your best option.

Technical Specifications

Certification: UL2272

Wheel size: 14 inches

Product weight: 14 kg

Charging time: 3 hrs

Max. Range: 12.4 miles

Top speed: 9.3 mph

Max. Load: 120 kg

App control: Yes

Integrated speakers: Bluetooth speakers

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion with SentryShield™ Technology

The Pros

  • Slick compact design
  • App-controlled
  • Affordable price tag
  • Bright headlight and LEDs
  • Metal foldable footrests
  • Motor lock function
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Retractable handle

The Cons

  • Long charging time
  • Two-wheeled unicycle

5. IPS Zero – Self Balancing electric unicycle

IPS Zero self balancing electric unicycle

This is perhaps one of the most beautifully designed self balancing electric unicycle. With a stunning circular shape, it’s definitely eye-catching and easy to carry. The IPS Zero is quite a lightweight and ultra-slim model that is worth every penny.

The IPS Zero electric unicycle has an ergonomic grip that enhances safety while riding. It is app-controllable and packed with advanced safety measures that include  LED lights and even a learning belt. The design is sturdy and can withstand a few blows. In other words – it’s durable, reliable and easy to handle. The robust design can very well be an aiding factor in making a purchase.

The IPS Zero electric unicycle is unique for a number of reasons. It has an app that can be used to control it. This app works fine with Android, iOS and Blackberry mobile devices. Additionally, the user interface is smart and provides the rider with plenty of options to control the unicycle via the app. These include –

  1. Select modes of riding
  2. Display various technical data
  3. Update firmware
  4. View the status of battery charging
  5. Share performance parameters
  6. Decide a speed limit
  7. Display total mileage
  8. Change lighting modes
  9. Sound the horn
  10. Display real-time motor power use
  11. Display real-time speed

Riding the IPS Zero Electric Unicycle is one experience. The designers know very well what the riders expect and have left no stone unturned to see to it that all their expectations are met. Even then, they have given quite a bit of stress on safety. The new models have an initial speed limit of 7.5 mph. After you’ve completed a ride of 3 miles, some restrictions are lifted off and then again at 28 miles, some more restrictions are waved off. A top speed warning beep warns the riders of crossing the speed limit.

The overall ride with the ultra-slim IPS Zero is comfortable, swift and smooth. The responsiveness of the unicycle is impressive and it can be easily controlled. You can expect a range of roughly 15 miles on a single charge. This may not be such a big problem seeing that the recharging time of the battery is around 2-hours. The IPS Zero is meant for serious commuters.

In a Nutshell

The IPS Zero is perfect for you if you want to use it as a commuter vehicle. Even though it is a bit on the pricey side, the safety features combined with the overall design are more than enough to provide you value for every penny. The only major setback of this model is that it is not meant for off-road commuting.

Technical Specifications

Certification: UL2272

Integrated speakers: No

App control: Yes

Max. range: 15+ miles

Top speed: 15+ mph

Wheel size: 14 inch

Product weight: 9 kg

Max. load: 120 kg

Battery: 340 Wh LiIon battery

Loading time: 2+ hrs.

The Pros

  • Lightweight & slender design
  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • Portable. (Has an ergonomic grip)
  • Advanced safety features
  • App controllable/customizable
  • Front & rear night riding lights
  • Magnetic pedals
  • Learning belt included

The Cons

  • Not suitable for off-road riding
  • No built-in speakers

Top Pick

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As the name suggests, an electric unicycle is a single-wheeled personal transporter that runs on an electric motor and is supported by a chargeable electric unicycle battery.

Learning to ride an electric unicycle is all about balance and it takes some time to master it perfectly, but once you do, there’s no stopping. What’s more? It’s incredibly fun to ride and definitely cool. These fascinating beasts have a self-balancing mechanism supported by accelerometers and gyroscopic electric unicycle.

The concept of a self balancing electric unicycle extends back to the late 19th century but an electric unicycle wasn’t developed until recently. The earliest ancestor of the electric unicycle can be traced back to a hand-powered monowheel which was patented by Richard C. Hemming. The commercialization of the electric unicycle started in the mid-’00s. Since then, a lot of companies have produced their own designs which have lead to the ever-expanding world of electric unicycles.

The Best Electric Unicycle Aspects To Consider

While opting for an electric unicycle, you have to decide what features you require. No single electric unicycle has all the features, some may be low on the features but great in pricing or vice versa. Hence, only you can decide what is more important to you. 

For instance, students and travelers may go for the best electric unicycle with decent technical features within a reasonable price range. Whereas, a unicycle enthusiast may go for higher speeds and ranges without looking at the price tag.

I have tried to cover as many criteria as I can. So let’s have a look at what aspects should you consider before making a purchase of an electric unicycle. For convenience, I’m classifying the aspects into 5 categorie

1. Technical Specifications

For most people, the technical specifications may be the most important aspect to consider. However, if you are buying the electric unicycle for a teen then speed, range and even the motor power may not be of much use to you.

In this section, I’ll discuss the highest attainable speed and the time duration for which it can be maintained.

For obvious reasons. If the electric unicycle is to be used as a means of daily transportation, then speed and range do matter a lot. Different models have different top speeds but they mostly lie in the range of 12-20 mph. However, the top speed of a model also varies with the load, temperature, angle of inclination and several other factors.

The speed range of 12-20 mph is sufficient for most users, but for those who have a need for speed can go for models having higher top speeds such as – KingSong 16S which has a top speed of 22 mph.

2. The range of an electric unicycle 

that is the distance it can travel in one go with a fully charged battery until the battery runs out – is also an important technical feature, especially for those who don’t have fixed routes or a fixed place to go to. A person going to the school/office from home can choose a model with a reasonable range.

Due to its unique and clever design, an electric unicycle deploys gravity to propel forward and hence reduces the load on the motor and battery. This is perhaps the most interesting feature of an electric unicycle as compared to other modes of transportation in the form of small vehicles.

An electric unicycle has a superb range as opposed to several other electric personal vehicles. But of course, the range varies from model to model. The kingSong 16S electric unicycle can travel a whopping 60 miles on a single battery charge!

3. Motor power of the electric unicycle

Another important technical specification is the motor power. The higher the motor power, the better your experience would be. Also, the motor power is important for climbing a steep hill. The stronger the motor, the steeper the angle it can cover.

4. Riding an electric unicycle is an awesome experience

What makes an electric unicycle great is not just a powerful battery, some amazing gyroscopes, and a strong motor. Of course, these are truly essential elements of an electric unicycle, but the composition of the elements and how perfectly they fit in is what makes an electric unicycle truly great.

Another important aspect is the feel of it. Just imagine yourself riding an electric unicycle that has all its parts working together in sync to give you that experience! Yes, that’s important. But, it depends on lots and lots of factors and may even vary from model to model and rider to rider.

However, there are some specifics that I can tell you about. You should look for the feeling while:

  • Slowly moving forward
  • Taking sharp turns at varying speeds
  • Starting and stopping
  • Riding at top speed

Responsiveness plays an essential role because a unicycle needs to be sensitive enough to detect even the slightest changes while maneuvering and act accordingly. How do we define responsiveness? It is nothing but the time taken by the gyroscopes along with the motor to counteract the motion. The quicker the reaction, the smoother your experience.

5. Durability & Quality of the electric unicycle

As with every other thing you buy or consume, the quality and durability of an electric unicycle matter a lot. No matter your price range and the technical features that you’re looking for, quality and durability should not be compromised. What’s the use of a really cool, stylish and superfast unicycle if it breaks down?

When discerning the quality and durability of an electric unicycle, it’s better to read lots of buyer reviews and then decide upon something. These two factors depend a lot on usage and can only be found out after using the vehicle for a certain period of time. Even then, chances are that you could get a defective model and you may be dissatisfied with the performance. 

This is when customer reviews and statistics come in. And that is exactly what we did. Only after going through numerous customer reviews have we gathered this list of top 5 electric unicycles.

4. Price of the electric unicycle – cheap electric unicyle or expensive electric unicycle

Spending too much on a vehicle that is able to carry just a single person would not be a very wise decision, especially for people using it to save the bucks on commuting – like students.

On the other hand, price doesn’t matter to people who are unicycle enthusiasts and want nothing but the best of everything. So again, pricing is a feature that totally depends on you. Skipping on some extra features for pricing can be a good idea for some and a very bad idea for some others.

Some electric unicycle cost a fortune but some others are pretty reasonably priced for the features they provide. Electric unicycles have a lot of advantages over hoverboards and other smaller electric vehicles range, speed and mobility.

5. Ingenious Design a crucial factor while choosing an electric unicycle

The design is an extremely important aspect to consider. Not for aesthetic reasons, though look matters a lot, but for convenience and safety. An average looking electric unicycle with a sturdy design and smart balance is way better than a fancy one with no safety measures and poor balance. However, when you’re at it, it’s good to go for both the looks and the features.

Safety is vital and comes first. Models that have smart light-system and important utilities such as battery indicators must be preferred. Some models use integrated lights in a smart way. Look for powerful lights that are capable of providing enough light even after nightfall. Otherwise, a ride at night would be both dangerous and difficult.

Another thing to look for in the design is the placement of the battery indicator. Running out of battery mid-ride can lead to undesirable consequences as you’re leaning forward the whole time. Also, in order to avoid accidents, the model must contain a good warning system that alerts you of draining battery.

You won’t find seats in all the electric unicycles, but some models comes with seat. Although a seat provides comfort, especially while commuting to long distances, it makes the unicycle less portable due to an increase in weight, space requirement and physical constraints. Sacrificing either portability or comfort is up to you.

Why Go For An Electric Unicycle?

A self-balancing electric unicycle is by far way better than a traditional unicycle/ hoverboards/ other personal e-vehicles in terms of operability, balance, speed, maneuverability, etc. Here’s why –

  • Quicker and more flexible in terms of maneuvering.
  • Easier to maintain.
  • Great range.
  • Better loading capacity.
  • An ideal choice for riding on the streets.
  • Powerful motor.
  • App-controlled (most models).

If you still want some solid reasons to go for an electric unicycle then here you go.

1. Electric Unicycle are Portable

While going anywhere, you can bring it with you without putting in a lot of effort as it is easily portable. With a weight range of 9-15 kgs – under which most models fall – it is easy to carry. Another added advantage is that in case you run out of battery, then you might just as well take the train or bus home and easily carry it with you on your way back. It is an ideal choice for travelers as they can traverse and explore the local area.

2. Riding an Electric Unicycle can actually help you with workout

Yes, although riding an electric unicycle is not an ideal way to lose weight, it gives you quite a workout, as you use several muscles to maintain the balance on it. No electric unicycle, not even the most advanced ones would do all the work for you.  The abdominal muscles, the torso along with the whole body get some exercise.

3. Ride the electric unicycle and save money

This is for those who intend to use electric unicycles as a means of commuting. Imagine the daily expenses you could save on both gas/fuel and tickets. As opposed to gas prices, electricity is not just a cheaper alternative but also a cleaner one.

4. Electric Unicycle are fun to ride

No one can deny the fact that riding an electric unicycle is cool and so much fun. So why deny yourself the pleasure of riding one? Even if you can’t use it as a means to commute regularly, then it can be a fun hobby.

Final Thoughts 💭

Electric unicycles are not just fun to ride and easy to carry but also quite versatile and can come in really handy.

Whether you’re a newbie, a student, a daily commuter, an adventure lover or a unicycle enthusiast, I have got you covered with electric unicycle for beginners to electric unicycle for advanced riders. With a wide range of electric unicycles compared, you have all the data that you need to make your decision. 

All the above mentioned electric unicycles are unique in some way or the other and can be bought today itself. If you wish to buy an electric unicycle, then go for any of the unicycles mentioned in this list and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. I have tried listing as many specifications as possible from a general perspective. Now it’s up to you to decide which feature is more important to you.

Do let us know which electric unicycle you opted for? And how was your experience with it?

Wishing you a happy and safe unicycling! (Don’t forget to wear the safety gears!)

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