10 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Smartwatch

things to do with a smartwatch

Technology has become a crucial partner of our lives, by facilitating growth, nourishment, and well-being — and providing some fun!

Tech-savvy, like me, can’t get enough of new gadgets and tools. A smartwatch is definitely one of them. However, (many of you don’t know this) the smartwatches have been around for more than a decade. 

They were first introduced by Microsoft back in 2004!

Well, geeky facts aside, smartwatches are quirky devices (in my opinion) that can do many things to make your life easier. They are quite affordable (excluding Apple watch!), come in various shapes and sizes, and pack a bunch of useful features.

Today we are going to look at the cool things your Smartwatch can do

So, let’s dive in!

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1. Find your phone

You are all dressed up for your date, and feel excited about it. You have meticulously groomed yourself for your special day and before you leave; you think — 

“Why not take a selfie?” and suddenly your phone has disappeared into oblivion! 

You have searched all over your place but you can’t find the damn thing. Now, your partner is waiting for you and it’s been almost 15 minutes. Your partner is calling you, but you have kept your phone on silent.

Now you realize that you are in deep, deep trouble. You fear to lose your chance you worked so hard for…

Every tick on the clock is becoming heavier and heavier, eventually, it is crushing your soul!

But there you go, your phone was just hiding under the pillow all the time. 

You take a deep breath, prepare a good excuse and rush to your date!

Thrilling, eh? Well, don’t experience the thrill again, you can use your smartwatch to find your phone by using the ‘Find Phone’ feature. Wherever your phone might be, it will say — 

“I am here!”   

2. Use your favorite apps

A smartwatch is capable of accessing most of your favorite apps from the Play Store or App Store.

In a hurry? want to book a cab? No worries, you can book a cab via Uber on your smartwatch. Want to stay connected with social media? Well, you can install Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in your smartwatch and stay connected.  You can also watch YouTube videos in your spare time if you wish and listen to audiobooks on Audible.

3. Stay up to date with notifications

One of the most interesting features of a smartwatch is that it keeps track of important notifications. You don’t want to miss out on an important mail from a client that might be a once in a lifetime deal! 

A smartwatch is especially handy while you are swimming, running, cycling or exercising at the gym. In these situations keeping a smartphone is rather uncomfortable and impractical. A smartwatch is more convenient and relays notifications in these tight situations. 

4. Manage your calls and messages

You can receive or place a call directly from your smartwatch, I think this is great as you just need to flick your wrist to see who’s calling and decide to receive or place one. You can do this simply by giving a voice command or by accessing the Call app. 

You can also receive and send text via Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or any other preferred application.

It is possible because most smartwatches have an LTE connection, which is another great feature in itself.

5. Track your fitness 

The smartwatch tracks your heart rate, sleep cycles and footsteps. This is a fantastic aid when you are trying to achieve your fitness goals. Sometimes, it just feels good to know exactly how many steps you have walked, it also helps to compare and measure your daily progress. 

This information gives you extra motivation to workout. So, you can keep up with your daily routine without any hassles.

Recently, Omron has launched a smartwatch that can measure blood pressure with FDA approval! This is great for BP patients as they need to constantly check their blood pressure rates to be stable.

6. Navigation

A smartwatch, thanks to its embedded GPS, is well equipped to help you navigate through the unknown terrains or pathways of a city, effortlessly. 

One fantastic thing about a smartwatch that you don’t have to constantly look at your smartwatch’s screen. The smartwatch will vibrate in different patterns indicate whether to turn left, right or go straight.

Apple Watch Series 5 has an inbuilt compass as well!

7. Make payments

You can also make payments via your smartwatch. So, if you are thinking about ordering a coffee from Starbucks or a meal combo from Burger King or Subway. This small smart device can do that as well!

8. Listen to your favorite music

You can download your favorite music streaming application to listen to your favorite songs. Simply pair your wireless earphones with your smartwatch and you’re good to go! Personally, I think this is a crucial feature, as I cannot live without music at all! 

Music makes the passage of time swift and helps you relax while you are traveling. 

9. Use it as a remote 

If your smartwatch has an infrared sensor, then you can use it as a remote to control your home appliances and supported gadgets. I think it would be very convenient to always have a universal remote tied on your wrist! 

10. Other applications

Due to its sensors, like a barometer you can also know the air pressure. Also, you can use a speedometer from the Playstore or App Store if you like. In the Apple watch, you can also measure the noise levels to see if the environment has dangerous noise levels.


You might be considering what smartwatch you should pick, right now the Apple Watch Series 5 is the best option. If you like the flexibility of an android, then the Samsung galaxy watch which has a sweet and satisfying dial should be your choice.

If you are worried about battery life, smartwatch’s batteries have a long battery life before they die. So, no issue! 

Due to their amazing features, smartwatches are becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. But can it completely replace the analog watches? I think not! It is because there is something about those old school watches that people (including myself) can’t resist.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Have a nice day!

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