essential vlogging equipments

Essential Vlogging Equipment You Need to Create An Outstanding Vlog

essential vlogging equipments

The internet, as I usually say, has created its own markets and facilitated the development of the traditional marketplaces and economy over the past two decades. The digital ecosystem, hence, has an abundance of career opportunities to explore and reap a lush life. 

This is great for solo-preneurs and enthusiasts who want to make a good living out of their talents and skills. Today, anyone who has some kind of useful knowledge, insights, or experience is making vlogs to share them all over the globe. 

Like any Vlogger, you’ll need the tools to create and upload your content on the net. Knowing your tools inside-out is the first step towards becoming a great vlogger.

So, let’s dive in!

1. DSLR and Mirrorless

A vlog camera is the first obvious equipment that comes to mind when you are planning to be a vlogger. Depending on your vlogging needs, you will need a particular camera. One important thing here is that you need a camera for videography and not photography.

So, you want a camera that is better at shooting videos rather than photos. Sure, you’ll be taking photographs as well, but stress should on the videography side. Let’s check out the types of cameras available in the market.

Despite recent advancements in smartphone cameras, they still have a long way to catch up with DLSRs and Mirrorless. These dedicated devices have a larger sensor and more flexibility. As they can be equipped with different lenses for different scenarios.

What makes A DSLR different from a Mirrorless?

Well, a DSLR has more choice of lenses and they perform better in low light due to an optical viewfinder. Mirrorless is compact, lightweight, snappier and they pack more features than DSLRs. However, they struggle in low-light conditions.

For videography, Mirrorless is definitely better than DSLRs because of their faster autofocus, higher-end Mirrorless can also perform better in low light conditions.

I would recommend Canon EOS 80D, Nikon D5600, and Sony Alpha A6400. They should take care of most of your videography requirements.

2. Smartphone Camera

The most obvious choice would be a smartphone, and one you probably didn’t think about.

Smartphone technology has evolved exponentially and their cameras are great for photography and videography for beginners and professionals. Just keep in mind that your smartphone camera needs OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) to record stable and clear pictures.

They are compact and conveniently available to use. Google Pixel, iPhone, and Samsung S series are the obvious choice in terms of image quality. Apart from them, OnePlus 7T is a great and cost-effective option.

A smartphone is a good starting device to understand the dynamics of the camera and the concepts of videography for beginners. Under good lighting conditions, they record amazing quality with a tripod. Anyway, even the professionals use it for vlogging when it’s needed.

Make no mistake smartphone vlog is a thing, maybe its not as good as a professional camera but it still does the trick.

Checkout out this video to get started with smartphone vlogging.

3. Drones for creating Vlogs

Drones are a recent innovation, and they are slowly becoming an indispensable part of a Vlog equipment kit. 

If you are a travel vlogger or aspiring to become one, drones would definitely take some wonderful shots for you! If you have the necessary bucks to invest in them. Having a photography kit along with an editing PC is a luxury, and the cumulative cost with a decent drone will burn an enormous hole in your pocket.

So, be cautious while you plan your expenses!

For beginners, I would recommend buying the cheapest drone to learn, then for more expensive and intricate models. This is because, as I mentioned in my drone guide, beginners make mistakes and damage their drones. Also, there are laws that you need to know and comply with to operate a quadcopter.

I would recommend DJI Mavic 2 pro for the best videography experience for the money. However, I would strongly recommend you to master videography and flying drone separately, and then combine them to make the most out of your drone. 

Practicing will definitely help you take better shots and not lose your drone!

4. Laptop/Computer for editing Vlog videos

Taking videos is a simple task as compared to editing, and to edit your videos you need a laptop. Choosing one will completely depend upon your preference and budget. Let’s look at the rigs in the market suitable to edit your videos.

The best software available for editing vlog videos are Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, VideoProcs and LightWorks.

Checkout out the below Vlog video to see how Vlog video editing makes the Vlog look so meaningful.

Check out the above Vlog by Casey Neistat, you should be able to see that he adds text on the Vlog video wherever essential, timelapse effects are also given wherever necessary. I mean if you are creating your Vlog video titled “My 30 Day Trip to Tibet” obviously you would want to skip irrelevant parts or at least give time-lapse effect to say sun rising, the sun setting and more. 

5. Gimbal for Vlogging

A gimbal is an absolute Vlogging equipment for beginners. A Gimbal essentially enables your cameras to take smooth, stable, and cinematic videos. You can rotate the camera with a gimbal to take unique shots from different angles. Especially if you are a travel Vlogger, you will not regret buying one! 

Gimbal is the best travel vlog equipment, travel vloggers are known for venturing into uncharted territories and oftentimes you take a solo trip to document your journey from where you stand, expressing your own perspectives.

The Gimbal can act as your best buddy accompanying your Vlog camera along the way, it can be a pain having to rotate your camera all by yourself as you go on to recording your vlog videos. You can use Gimbal as a motorcycle vlog equipment as you document your journey traversing through Bike.

GoPro Gimbalv is the best when it comes to choosing a perfect Gimbal for your Vlogging camera. There are Gimbal available for the ones who are into smartphone Vlogging.

6. Tripod

A Tripod is a basic vlogging equipment. Again, it helps you to take stabilized pictures on a fixed point and allows you to adjust the angle on that point.

I’d advise you to not purchase cheap tripods, settle for more expensive and durable models. Because a tripod, irrespective of your camera will be needed and used all the time.

7. Lenses for Vlogging Camera   

Different types of lenses give different results, which may be suitable for a particular style of videography. Consider the lenses mentioned below for videography:

1. Canon 50 mm f/1.8 STM Lens

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This is a great lens for the bokeh effects, shallow depth of field and low light shots. The STM motor makes autofocus very silent and smooth. This lens is otherwise known as the Nifty-Fifty, and it is loved by every photographer around the globe!

2. Rokinon Cine 85mm f/1.5 Lens

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If you want cinematic effects in your videos, then this lens is the best bet! This one can be used on almost any camera. It is completely manual, so using it will take some practice.

3. Canon 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM lens

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As a videographer, you should have a wide-angle lens in your kit, and this one is a good option for you! It has image stabilization and which means it is great for handheld shooting. However, you cannot use this lens in low light due to its aperture. As an alternative, Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 Lens is a good option.

4. Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM L Lens

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This lens is loved by tech YouTubers, and it is recommended by MKBHD! It has a great low light performance, focal range, and sharpness. It can be used with Canon, Nikon, and Sony Crop sensors.

8. Vlogging Camera Filters

Photographers and videographers usually keep these 3 filters in their Vlog equipment kit:

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  • UV filters : These filters protect the lens from UV lights and scratches.
  • ND filters : These filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens, which allows you to increase the exposure time and reduce shutter speed.
  • Polarizing filters : These filters cut out reflexions and make pictures more clear and beautiful.

9. Microphones for YouTube Vlogging

You didn’t forget to buy a Mic, did you? Of course, you didn’t! For Vlogging beginners, I would recommend a Boya mic, and when you have a good budget, go for an expensive Rhode model.

You cannot seldom rely on Vlogging Camera in-built mic to capture the best audio or else you will have scream out to be heard, something tells that that isn’t a recipe for a good Vlog. 

Be a Pro and get yourself a microphone for creating outstanding Vlogs. The Mic captures the subtle voice so that you can speak intently you don’t have to worry about whether the camera will pick up on voices, get a microphone and just be yourself throughout the video.

Make sure to edit the disturbances in the audio so that your Vlog doesn’t end up messing up people’s speakers and earphones.

10. Mic Muffler

If you are recording a video outdoors, you don’t want the wind to interfere with the sound quality of your device. A mic muffler is a simple and cheap fix that will keep the sound recording safe from interference.

11. Lights for capturing Vlog in perfect lightings

Another important thing is light! if you are recording indoors, you would definitely need a lighting system, so your video is properly exposed. You can also use lights to decorate your background and increase the charm of your videos. Do note that you need to adjust aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to optimize the usage of light. 

Ever watched one of the Vlogs by Unboxing Therapy? One quintessential thing you will observe is the lighting in his videos that triangulates our focus and attention towards the speaker. The positioning of lights and the selection of background is just too good.

Take a look at this video just observe how the selection of background and positioning of the lights makes the overall vlog appear so impressive.

12. Extra Batteries

Your cameras, especially your drones and mirrorless, will drain their batteries pretty quickly. You are better off carrying extra batteries for each of your electronic devices. You don’t want to miss an excellent shot or waste your time and effort. 

Spare batteries make it to the best camera equipment for vlogging. This holds truer if you’re a travel Vlogger and you are going for a long vlogging shoot where batteries are bound to run out.

13. Lanyard

This is a simple accessory for your handheld devices, which I have featured in my drone guide. It will protect your drone controller, expensive cameras from falling out of your hands. DSLRs and Mirrorless come with a lanyard. However, if your device doesn’t have one make sure that you do.  


I hope you have gathered enough information to buy your equipment and start shooting your amazing videos. If you don’t get expected results in the beginning in terms of quality, don’t worry, keep learning. Eventually, you will discover your style and trademark!

Happy Vlogging!


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